Ready to chuck your puff or snuff? We support you!

Today is the Great American Smokeout which serves to challenge people to quit their tobacco habit.  If you or your loved one are among an estimated 42 million smokers or 9 million smokeless tobacco users, make a change today—we support you! Although being a replacement for tobacco is not the purpose originally intended for users […]

New Look! Same Awesomeness!

Good news TeaZa fans—TeaZa Energy has a bold new look!  It’s all good—because the pouches inside are the same TeaZa you know and love…Peppermint, Black Cherry, Spicy Cinnamon and Cool Mint Chill. The sleek, pocket-friendly, flip-top package is more compact and easier to open.  But if you’re a devoted fan of Coffee, Fire or Camo […]