The Science Behind TeaZa® Energy

Ever wonder what is in TeaZa® Energy that makes you feel so good?  Click Here to check out all the ingredients and why they make you feel so awesome.  Pop a TeaZa® and conquer the world! A proprietary blend of natural herbs and vitamins were formulated by a physician and packaged in a small pouch […]

Fans Want to Know Why TeaZa® Killed the Can

TeaZa® lovers have been weighing in on the new flip-top packing launched in November.  Some have wondered, why the change? Does it still have the same flavor?  Are the pouches still the same size?  Do they still come in packages of 10?  Yes, yes and yes! TeaZa® Energy has not changed anything about the herbal […]

Win FREE Products and Prizes

CLICK HERE TO ENTER CONTEST NOW Want to Win 2 FREE Trays of TeaZa® Energy? #MyTeaZaTestimonial Tell us your TeaZa® Testimonial for your chance to win! Do you pop a TeaZa® before riding the trails, catching some waves or sliding into home?  We’d love to hear how you use TeaZa® for energy or if TeaZa® […]