Sean uses TeaZa to curb cravings for tobacco when he plays racquetball.

“I use TeaZa before and when I play racquetball.  Each and every point of the game is crucial.  I am a fellow tobacco user and cannot afford to chew tobacco during matches and feel light headed and always having that urge to spit.  TeaZa has let me keep the same behavior I’m used to but […]

Zayne pops a TeaZa for energy on the baseball field

“I could not possibly share enough good feedback about TeaZa Energy! This company’s products are the real deal! Their energy pouches give you real, and most importantly, healthy energy. I use the pouches for just about every activity that I do, from playing in baseball games to hunting. I am truly thankful for the healthful […]

TeaZa Boosts Energy While Working at Remote Locations

Free-lance adventure journalist, Rob Lyon pops a TeaZa for a boost while working on projects out in the field.  “As a free-lance adventure journalist, I’m frequently in the field on magazine projects. Field being a convenient euphemism for river canyon, wilderness seacoast or mountain. Always on bonk alert, the last thing we want to be […]