TeaZa Reviews – Ross Quit Chewing Tobacco Using Tobacco Free Pouches

how ross quit chewing tobacco with tobacco free pouches

“For me it’s the Fire.  It gives me the burn I got from dipping tobacco, but it’s much safer and better for me. Gives me energy when I cycle and while I work.  I do lots of meetings and find the TeaZa helps me stay awake, alert and focused.” – Ross C., TeaZa Customer

Law enforcement professional and former military service member, Jonathon, says TeaZa helped him quit dipping

“I’ve served in the Army and in law enforcement. I often work long crazy hours and I’ve tried everything from energy drinks, coffee and dip to keep me going. However, the only thing that even comes close to giving me the energy I need to keep me going is TeaZa. TeaZa is a great alternative […]