Affiliate FAQ

How much does the TeaZa Energy® affiliate program pay?

You will receive a commission for sending us qualified sales via your affiliate links. Commissions are calculated on net sales (after any discounts, coupons or promotional sales are deducted) exclusive of tax and shipping. Our minimum commission per sale is Ten percent (10%) and may increase depending on your participation and success in the affiliate program. For affiliates with well-established websites and who show an ability to bring consistent qualified traffic, we increase payment percentages. (You bring more, we pay more.) Currently, our highest affiliate levels pay 20% per sale. In many cases it is not difficult to qualify for an increased commission percentage. Please contact our affiliate manager at for more information.

Can I create links for the TeaZa Affiliate Program?

Yes. Once approved, you will be provided an affiliate ID and the necessary referral URL. You’ll find this in the “Affiliate Area” of the site. You will also have access to a variety of quality banner designs in the “Creatives” section of the Affiliate Area with your affiliate ID and referral URL already embedded. Just copy and paste for most websites.

Am I able to track my own progress, sales and commissions?

Yes. Once logged-in to your “Affiliate Area” you’re able to see statistics like visits, paid & unpaid referrals, as well as paid & unpaid commissions and conversion rates.

How often are affiliate payments made?

We processes affiliate payments once a month. Affiliates who have submitted the necessary supplemental information will receive payments for sales older than 30 days as long as the payment totals at least $25.00. New affiliates may, in rare cases, see their payments held for security purposes during their first payment period.

What is the supplemental information you collect before making affiliate payments?

Before processing your first affiliate payment we’ll need to know your preferred payment method. We’re able to support payments by Check and PayPal. Additionally, we require that an IRS form W9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) be completed for US resident affiliates. Affiliates who earn $600.00 or more in commissions within a tax year will receive an IRS Form 1099-MISC at tax time.

Is it difficult to get set up with the affiliate program?

Not at all. Signing-up is a simple process. Once you have submitted your on-line application and have been approved as an affiliate, you will have several banners to choose from with your referral URL already embedded. You will be given a simple string of HTML code to post on your website or blog. You may need to seek assistance from your webmaster if you do not know how to add HTML to your site.

Are there any rules I should follow?

Yes. It is very important that you do not make any unverified claims or provide false evidence as to the effectiveness of any of our products. Any affiliate found to be falsely representing our products may be subject to immediate termination. We take pride in providing products of very high quality. We are well respected within the nutrition, wellness, health, weight loss and age-management communities and work hard to keep that reputation. We expect you to uphold the highest standards of ethics when representing our products.

How am I allowed to promote your products?

Our preference is that you promote TeaZa Energy through a banner on your website or an article or video on a blog or vlog you author. We also encourage people to provide their affiliate links to friends and family as well as promoting your link through social media channels. Most other methods of promotion are discouraged and can potentially result in account termination. If you have a question about a particular promotion strategy, please contact our affiliate manager at

Am I allowed to promote your link through email?

The promotion of your affiliate link through email is permissible as long as you are using a personally built opt-in list and e-mails are CAN-SPAM compliant. For lists larger than 5,000 addresses (or lists that do not have proper opt-in/out credentials) domain masking should be used. DO NOT associate TeaZa Energy or Wellness Health Management with the emails you send.

What is my referral code?

Your affiliate ID and referral URL can be found in the “Affiliate Area.” When a prospective customer clicks a link containing your referral URL and subsequently completes a purchase, you receive a referral commission based on your affiliate level for each order.

Is there a question we haven’t answered?

Please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail or call our affiliate manager. | 855-832-9200 Ext 1200.