TeaZa’s Operation Tobacco Free Initiative Sponsors Tobacco De-Addiction Pilot Study Conducted by USC Project RISHI

USC Project RISHI tobacco de-addiction study helps people quit dipping

How effective are smokeless tobacco alternatives to help people quit dipping? Operation Tobacco Free is sponsoring a tobacco de-addiction pilot study to find out.

David “Boomer” Wells promotes Operation Tobacco Free at the 2018 American Baseball Coaches Association Convention (ABCA)

David Wells Yankees ABCA

Supporting Tobacco Free Baseball to Help Players and Fans Quit Dipping TeaZa’s Operation Tobacco Free (OTF) staff and volunteers want to help players and fans quit dipping.  So they pitched the benefits of a tobacco-free lifestyle, and handed out samples and swag at the 2018 American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) Convention January 4-7 at the […]

Baseball Bobblehead Giveaway For TeaZaⓇ Fans On World No Tobacco Day, May 31, 2017

world no tobacco day

Attention baseball fans and TeaZa® lovers!  To celebrate World No Tobacco Day, we’re giving away Cincinnati Reds autographed bobbleheads, Paul O’Neill and Pete Rose, complete with certificates of authenticity.  Everyone who purchases 8 TeaZa fliptops or more between May 23-30, 2017 at TeaZaEnergy.com will automatically be entered to win.*  Winners will be randomly selected and […]

TeaZa Reviews – Daniel Quit Chewing Tobacco Using Tobacco-Free Pouches

Daniel quit chewing tobacco using TeaZa tobacco free pouches

“For 10 years my daughter begged me to stop. I was in denial on the dangers. The DAY I received my first flip-top was the last day I used tobacco. It actually chokes me up when I think of how important and life-changing it was for me to find your product.” – Daniel K., TeaZa Customer

TeaZa Reviews – Matthew Uses TeaZa to Help Him Quit Dipping

TeaZa Review - Matthew Uses TeaZa to Help Him Quit Dipping

“I tried this product at a race in Daytona. After trying this I couldn’t believe how much it helped me and took me away from wanting to dip.”—Matthew S., TeaZa Customer

TeaZa Reviews – Erin Used TeaZa to Quit His 18-Year Tobacco Habit Cold Turkey!

Erin quit dipping using TeaZa tobacco free pouches

“After 18 years of chewing tobacco in the military, I found your product and was able to quit cold turkey! I have tried everything and your product is the only one that has worked for me.”—Erin B. TeaZa Customer

TeaZa Reviews – Megan’s Fiance Quit Dipping After 7 Years Using TeaZa

TeaZa reviews - how Megan's fiance quit dipping

“My fiance chewed Copenhagen Wintergreen for almost 7 years, I had asked him about quitting and he said he would give it a try. I found TeaZa and two months later he quit, doesn’t even think about tobacco but loves TeaZa products, he is now working on convincing his dad to try to quit chewing and try out TeaZa!”—Megan W., TeaZa Customer

Jeff Used TeaZa Tobacco Free Pouches to Quit Chewing Tobacco for Good

TeaZa Review - Jeff B. Quit Dipping Using Tobacco Free Pouches

“I used chewing tobacco for a number of years and was really wanting to stop for health reasons. With TeaZa I found the perfect alternative to tobacco and it also gives me a mid-day energy boost.”—Jeff B., TeaZa Customer

TeaZa Reviews – Ross Quit Chewing Tobacco Using Tobacco Free Pouches

how ross quit chewing tobacco with tobacco free pouches

“For me it’s the Fire.  It gives me the burn I got from dipping tobacco, but it’s much safer and better for me. Gives me energy when I cycle and while I work.  I do lots of meetings and find the TeaZa helps me stay awake, alert and focused.” – Ross C., TeaZa Customer

Law enforcement professional and former military service member, Jonathon, says TeaZa helped him quit dipping

“I’ve served in the Army and in law enforcement. I often work long crazy hours and I’ve tried everything from energy drinks, coffee and dip to keep me going. However, the only thing that even comes close to giving me the energy I need to keep me going is TeaZa. TeaZa is a great alternative […]