Operation Tobacco Free is on a mission!

TeaZa® Energy’s Anti-tobacco Initiative Commemorated the Great American Smokeout and the Great American Teach-In. So, it turns out A LOT of people are ready to be tobacco free! Operation Tobacco Free (OTF) commemorated the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout with their Take the Pledge campaign.  Many were inspired to make a commitment to refuse […]

Take the Pledge, get rewards and enter to win!

TeaZa® Energy’s Anti-tobacco Initiative Commemorates the Great American Smokeout Are you ready to be tobacco free? Operation Tobacco Free (OTF) is launching a campaign called Take the Pledge to inspire people to refuse to use tobacco products and commemorate the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout. Join the movement!  Take the Pledge, get rewards and […]

David Wells steps up to the plate for national anti-tobacco initiative, Operation Tobacco Free

Cigarette smoking is down to its last out, but like Yogi says, it ain’t over till it’s over!  Reaching smokeless tobacco users is a whole new ballgame. TeaZa® Energy’s Operation Tobacco Free (OTF) is proud to announce the first heavy hitter up to bat for our anti-tobacco, all-star team—former Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher, David […]

OTF Ambassadors Help Kids Understand Why It’s Not Hip to Dip

Operation Tobacco Free (OTF) ambassadors are public figures and prominent community members committed to preventing some 535,000 kids age 12-17 from trying smokeless tobacco for the first time each year in the US. “Our goal is to help kids understand why it’s not hip to dip,”says Brent Agin, MD, CEO and Founder of TeaZa® energy.“We […]

TeaZa® Energy’s New Limited Edition Flavor Available Now!

You asked for it, we created it!  Bangin’ Black Cherry Bomb flavored TeaZa® Energy is available now online and in select retail locations. It’s black cherry with a kick!  A bold explosion of tart, spicy and sweet with extra caffeine and flavor. Bangin’ Black Cherry Bomb flavored TeaZa® Energy contains a blend of herbs and […]

Physician Warns Millennials: Beware of Beasts and Winged-Bulls

What’s the daily get-up-and-go routine of today’s active, American 20-something?  Roll out of bed and fuel-up with a strong cup of Joe—to get the motor running, chug an energy drink in the afternoon to get through the mid-day blahs and finish off the day with an athletic performance-enhancing supplement before hitting the gym.  Sound familiar? […]

Celebrating Men’s Health Month With TeaZa’s Top Dogs

In honor of Men’s Health Month, we thought it was fitting to ask the top dogs here at the company to share their testimonials with us.  Here’s what they had to say about TeaZa® Energy. Meet Dr. Brent Agin (second from left) and Matt Morrow (center).  Both are fathers and life-long health and fitness enthusiasts […]