New TeaZa Website + The Pucks Are Back!

teaza is the best smokeless tobacco alternative

Great news TeaZa fans!  We’ve got two very important updates: first, the pucks are back by popular demand; and second, we’ve launched a new and improved website. We are now TeaZa Tobacco Free!

TeaZa VIP Mobile Club: Subscribe and Save On Tobacco-Free Pouches

Join the TeaZa VIP Mobile Club and save when you buy tobacco-free pouches online. The TeaZa VIP Mobile Club is an SMS text alert program that sends customer service and exclusive promotional text messages to TeaZa customers who’ve opted in as mobile subscribers.  With the new program, customers can not only conveniently communicate with TeaZa […]

New TeaZa Autoship – Set It and Forget It!

Get 10% Off, and never run out of TeaZa again with TeaZa Autoship! Our new convenient autoship program allows you to set it – and forget it! Autoship is a convenient service to have your favorite products automatically sent to you each month. You can adjust your autoship subscription at any time to meet your […]

New flavors! Tropical flavored TeaZa® is now available in both Energy and Chill!

Caffeine-Free Chill

Announcing new Tropical TeaZa® Chill! The buzz is…our fans LOVE new Tropical TeaZa® Energy, launched earlier this summer. So we decided to create a new caffeine-free Chill with Relora®. Now you can chillax…with the cool, juicy, mouthwatering wave of tropical fruit flavors—pineapple, mango and citrus. It livens up your tastebuds, but relaxes your mind. Caffeine-free […]

TeaZa® Energy’s New Limited Edition Flavor Available Now!

Our fans say they want more flavors, and we’re delivering! Just in time for summer, new Tropical TeaZa® Energy is available now exclusively online at for a limited time only. Picture yourself on an island vacation when a juicy, mouthwatering wave of tropical fruit flavors-pineapple, mango and citrus- takes over your tastebuds. The launch […]

TeaZa® Energy’s New Limited Edition Flavor Available Now!

You asked for it, we created it!  Bangin’ Black Cherry Bomb flavored TeaZa® Energy is available now online and in select retail locations. It’s black cherry with a kick!  A bold explosion of tart, spicy and sweet with extra caffeine and flavor. Bangin’ Black Cherry Bomb flavored TeaZa® Energy contains a blend of herbs and […]

Physician Warns Millennials: Beware of Beasts and Winged-Bulls

What’s the daily get-up-and-go routine of today’s active, American 20-something?  Roll out of bed and fuel-up with a strong cup of Joe—to get the motor running, chug an energy drink in the afternoon to get through the mid-day blahs and finish off the day with an athletic performance-enhancing supplement before hitting the gym.  Sound familiar? […]

Celebrating Men’s Health Month With TeaZa’s Top Dogs

In honor of Men’s Health Month, we thought it was fitting to ask the top dogs here at the company to share their testimonials with us.  Here’s what they had to say about TeaZa® Energy. Meet Dr. Brent Agin (second from left) and Matt Morrow (center).  Both are fathers and life-long health and fitness enthusiasts […]